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Meetings over the border - The European Days of Good Neighbourliness 24 June 2012

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The European Days of Good Neighbourliness is a festival held on the Polish-Ukrainian border featuring concerts, conferences, meetings, fairs, bicycle rallies, sports competitions and lots of other interesting events. It has been organized for the last 8 years by partners from Poland and Ukraine intending to overcome barriers between the two nations and create an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation.
"Our festival has become an important cultural event eagerly anticipated on both sides of the border. There are over 50 institutions and organizations actively involved in the preparation of the festival that attracts from ten to twenty thousand visitors from Poland and Ukraine" - says the initiator of the Days, Father Stefan Batruch, the president of the Foundation of the Spiritual Culture of the Borderland from Lublin.
The European Days of Good Neighbourliness fosters cooperation and good relations between the member states of the European Union and non-EU countries in Eastern Europe. The event was voted Tourist Product of the Year 2011 and was awarded the prestigious title of the Little Tourist Pearl by the Marshal of Lubelskie Voivodship. The Marshal's Office annually supports the organization of the festival, which is regarded as one of the key cultural events of the tourist season.

This year the European Days of Good Neighbourliness began on 24th June with a one-day meeting by border pole No. 835 in Polish Kryłów (Lubelskie Voivodship) and Ukrainian Krecziw (Volyn Oblast). The meeting was related to the football tournament EURO 2012 organized jointly by the two countries and featured football matches played by teams of Polish and Ukrainian MPs and local councillors held on both sides on the River Bug. There was a pontoon bridge span over the river and a mobile border crossing which allowed tourists from Poland and Ukraine to take part in concerts and shows presented by knights' fraternities and historical re-enactment groups as well as visit fairs of traditional regional products, foods, crafts and arts.

The next stage of the European Days of Good Neighbourliness will take place from the 9th to 12th August by border pole No. 1055 in Zbereże (Lubelskie Voivodship) and Adamczuki (Volyn Oblast). The programme of the event will include: a cross-border football tournament of uniformed services, a canoe rally on the River Bug, a bicycle rally, a coach sightseeing tour, the Nadbużański Fair and an exhibition of the International Art Plein Air 'Borderland 92' in Wola Uhruska.

The third showing of the Days will be held on 26th August, by border pole No.702 in Korczmin (Lubelskie Voivodship) and Stajiwka (Lviv Oblast). This day will start from a religious procession from the Greek Catholic Church in Korczmin to the miraculous spring in Stajiwka, followed by a fair of regional crafts and arts, presentations of local foods and traditional dishes and a concert of folk groups.
The fourth meeting will take place on 8th-9th Septernber in the village of Malhowice (Podkarpackie Voivodship) and Niżankowice (Lviv Oblast).
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