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After 01.12.2016, in order to applying in person for legalization of stay on the territory of Poland by foreign nationals shall take place only after previous phone booking of an appointment by phone, calling our call centre:
(+48) 81-74-24-599, on Monday between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (15:00).
(+48) 81-74-24-599, on other days of the week between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (14:00).
N.B. Registering invitations into the invitation record, picking-up residence cards, applications for replacement of residence cards and registration of stay of citizens of EU Member States do not require previous phone reservation of your visit to the Office.

The rules of phone reservation of an appointment for application in person for legalization of stay in the Direct Service Section:

  1. While booking the appointment date you have to remember that the applications for legalization of stay need to be made during the period of legal stay of the foreign national in Poland.
  2. In order to finalize the appointment, you need to come to the Direct Service Section of the Department of Citizenship and Foreigners' Affairs of the Lubelskie Governor's Office of in Lublin, ulica Spokojna 4, at least 15 minutes before the booked hour of appointment.
  3. During the phone reservation, the foreigner has to give his/her name, surname and the series and no. of passport. During the reservation the foreigner receives a concrete date and hour.
  4. The time of the appointment is only approximative. The beginning of the service may slightly change depending on the end of the service of the previous client.
  5. While planning your visit to the Direct Service Section of the Lubelskie Governor's Office in Lublin, you should take into consideration the possible transportation problems in Lublin.
  6. Arriving after the appointment time (see point 2 of this instruction) will result in automatic cancelling of the appointment.
  7. The appointment is made only for the person whose personal data were used to make the reservation.
  8. During one phone connection it is possible to make an appointment for only one person. If you intend to make an appointment for a family, please indicate that precisely while booking because it will be necessary to get a separate reservation / appointment for each person.
  9. It is unacceptable to exchange your reservation with another person or to give it away to someone else.
  10. In case of resigning from the visit in the Direct Service Section in LGO after earlier arrangement of the visit, please phone our call centre at latest one day before the appointed time and cancel the reservation. It will allow other people to use that hour.